Why Engineering Inclusively

Over the course of my research career as a medical device designer, I’ve learned that inclusive design is a challenge even for those with the best of intentions. Forward progress will require a dedicated effort on the part of those in the field (in collaboration with other stakeholders) to understand the challenges and pioneer best practices and alternatives. While conversations around ethical design practices and the impact of technology on society are not new, most engineers are not taught how to think critically about the work they engage in. I decided to become a professor to help shape the next generation of engineering students to think critically about the impact their work has on society. I intend to use this blog to share what I’m learning in this process.

I will start things off by posting about my takes on inclusive design, including topics such as:

  • Technology is not neutral
  • Lack of inclusion in technology and the consequences
  • The flawed “standard” engineering design process
  • Where to go from here

I intend to write these posts from my personal perspective, but will also make an effort to provide links for further reading to resources elsewhere, particularly the works of folks in science and technology studies; they do not receive enough credit for their important work. I welcome any suggestions for additional readings or resources to include.


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